Wooden wall panelsWalls are one of the first things that guests see whenever they come into your home. They represent your character and personality, which is why you should choose the right material for your brand new walls.

You have plenty of choices: marble, stucco, wood, concrete, tile, metal, glass, plaster, and a whole lot more. Among all of these options, one stands out the most, and that is wood. You can ask Supawood and other wood panel suppliers from everywhere why millions of people are patronising their product, and they will most probably give you the same reasons discussed below.


Wood can be used for your walls everywhere around the house—from the bathroom all the way to the bedroom, living room, and kitchen. Your wood panels will surely stand out.

One of a kind

No wood planks are exactly the same, which makes wood panels pretty much unique and one of a kind.


Wood wall is very easy to paint, and the material is very adherent to it. Whatever colour you choose, you can make sure that your wall will be free of any lumps and bumps. You have to make sure to buff the material out beforehand though and make that it is completely smooth before going ahead and painting it.


Wood is considered a traditional material since it has been used for decades. This only proves how much of a timeless and classic material it is, and will never go anywhere even hundreds of years after.

Remember to choose and decide wisely even before going ahead and buying all of the materials that you need for building your new home.