a busy officeThriving companies should start investing in reliable IT solutions to secure their data. Just recently, several reports of cyber-attacks have been filed, including data breaches, ransomware, and hacking of financial information.

Just last year, Deloitte, one of the biggest consulting global agencies, was hit by cyber-attacks, revealing the client’s confidential emails. Adidas also announced that an “unauthorized party” had gained access to their customer’s personal information.

The good news is there are now IT companies providing network support in St. George and other locations. While these professionals can help maximize network security, it is still advisable to educate your staff on how they can prevent these attacks.

To help you get started, here are some reminders on securing important documents:

Password Protect Important Files

This is the most basic procedure, but many people still overlook the importance of setting passwords for their files. Strictly implement the use of a password to protect every document. This is important, especially for employees who are using the company’s laptops or desktops.

Make Digital Copies

If you’re still using paper documents, consider upgrading your system. Sensitive or confidential office documents should not be kept on filing cabinets. Explore cloud-based storage devices, such as Dropbox and JustCloud. These applications have helped hundreds of businesses store their office files safely. They also have password protect features for improved security.

Improve Internal Policies

Most of the time, data breaches and hacking incidents occur due to lack of discipline and poor management. Get everyone on board and emphasize the importance of securing documents. If possible, let your IT professionals coordinate with your staff regarding this matter. It is also important to revoke resigning employees’ access to your network as soon as possible.

These are just some of the many things you can do to prevent cyber-attacks. Start investing in the latest IT solutions today. Consider having your system inspected by IT professionals as well.