The words What Are They Saying About You? on a website screen

As a kid, there was a time when you would excitedly go home and show your parents the star that you gained in class for answering a question that no one else could. Gaining a star and gathering them as time passes is a proud moment for every child. However, as you grow older, gaining stars is no longer as important. Not until you have your property to sell or rent out.

Stars are often used as a gauge for online property rates and reviews with 1 star being the lowest and 5 being the highest. Before buying a house in Lancaster New City in Cavite, browsing through property reviews site like South Property Sale would be one of the first things a client would do. This also applies to looking for a place to stay at for your short vacation. In short, in this highly online world, reviews matter, a lot.

Importance of online reviews

There are two ways clients can get hold of online reviews. One is through search engine sites. Typing the property’s name + review on Google can immediately lead to you hundreds of results. Another is through third-party sites. These sites are dedicated to giving clients a platform to share their experiences about a particular property as well as allowing owners to increase their visibility.

How it can affect your business

Getting a consistent 5 star is great, but getting 3 or 4 stars are also normal. So is getting 1 or 2 plus a negative review. In this highly digital age and online freedom, having the opportunity to market your property through online reviews and rating can both be a blessing and a curse.

Negative reviews can be a curse. If you do not know how to handle them. Treating online ratings and reviews as a marketing strategy can help your business maximize its presence online and gather more clients.