Indoor wedding reception tablesVirtually every event needs a table. You, after all, have to provide for the seating of your guests. The number of guests you have, the type of event, and the shape and size of your location all determine the tables you should get.

Every event is different and will need different table settings to achieve your intended look. It is therefore cost-efficient to get table rentals in Minneapolis to supply the ideal table shape for your floor plan. Here are the different shapes of tables ideal for various settings.

Round tables

These tables give your event a formal look. They are hence ideal for award nights, corporate dinners, and weddings. Round tables allow guests to sit in big groups and close together, allowing for easy conversation and engagement.

Rectangular tables

These are ideal for buffet displays and a classroom seating arrangement for seminars. A classroom seating arrangement takes up significant space, but you can use slimmer rectangular tables to maximize use of space. Rectangular dining tables give your guests a lot of elbow space and allow them to enjoy conversation during meals while seating across each other.

Poseur tables

These are used for social and networking events and cocktail receptions. They create small islands around the room and conversations among your guests. Poseur tables can be paired with stools if you need to maximize your space. These tables can also be used for food displays, cashier stations, and speakers in addition to conversation islands. There are various styles of poseur table for themed events.

U-shaped tables are ideal for weddings with an extensive guest list. The open space created by these tables creates a dance floor and space for the guests to mingle freely during dinner. You can opt to dress your tables in linen for a chic look.