man visiting his dentist in the dental clinicHave you ever wondered why your dentist asks you some questions whenever you visit them? Dentists know that your oral health is interlinked with the health of your entire body, so they will sometimes ask you questions that have nothing to do with your teeth.

Oral health expert Glenlake Dental Care says giving them this information helps them serve your better. So what information is critical to your general dentist in Glenview?

Any problems with your oral health

The first thing your dentist wants to know, of course, is how healthy your teeth are. They will want to know whether you’ve experienced any problems with your teeth since the last appointment. Tell the dentist of any sensitivity, cavities, or sores you’ve had or you now have.

This information helps them recommend the best treatment for you.

Your overall bodily health

Keep in mind that there’s a deep connection between your dental health and the health of your body as a whole. So tell your dentist whether you’ve had illnesses in the past and if you are currently taking medication.

Even if you have some health concerns that you have yet to tell your family doctor about, don’t hesitate to share them with your dentist.

Any anxieties you have

Many people find that they’re uncomfortable visiting the dentist, so don’t be afraid if you are one of them. Your dentist understands this perfectly. What’s even better, they sympathize with you and are ready to work gently with you until you’ve overcome your anxieties.

So don’t hesitate to talk about any previous unpleasant encounters you had with dentists. Let them know whether there are particular dental procedures you’re scared of too.

Your dentist is much more understanding and interested in your health than you may have imagined. By opening up to them about certain things, you can help them assist you to keep the one set of teeth you have for the longest time possible.