brand new invisalignEveryone has a unique experience when they have their teeth straightened using a method like Invisalign in SW14. However, there are some common occurrences that everyone is likely to encounter. Getting ready to start the Invisalign journey is easier when someone gets prepared with all the information they need.

Invisalign is suitable for many different types of people. A good dentist who provides Invisalign in SW14 tailors general treatment information to meet the specific circumstances of their patient’s life. Various dentists offer Invisalign in this area of London, including Sheen Dental.

These are some of the basic experiences that someone will have when working with Invisalign in SW14:

Wake up time

Invisalign aligners need to be worn for upwards of 22 hours per day. This means that they stay in place overnight. When someone wakes up in the morning, they will be wearing an aligner that they then take out to brush their teeth and complete a normal morning dental hygiene routine.

Breakfast and other meals

An Invisalign aligner needs to be taken out in order to eat or drink anything other than water. This allows a patient to eat normally and it keeps the aligner from getting stained or otherwise marked by food and drink. Some people find that wearing Invisalign helps them to develop good habits around snacking and drinking water.

Getting on with the day

It’s important for a patient to brush their teeth before re-inserting their aligner. They need to do this after every meal. This usually means that they need to get used to carrying a basic dental hygiene kit with them whenever they are out. Otherwise, they can go about their day as normal. Anyone they meet should not be able to tell that they are wearing an aligner.

Special circumstances

Once or twice a week, it may be necessary for the patient to soak their Invisalign aligner in order to keep it fresh and clear. Their dentist can advise on products to assist with this process. It is good for someone to get into the habit of wearing their aligner at all other times but they can take it out briefly for special moments.