small joint surgery in processMedical care has evolved. The number of outpatient surgical procedures is on a steady rise and has in fact tripled over the past year. Outpatient surgical procedures have fast recovery rates and enable patients to get medical care without significant disruption in their schedule.

The procedures also result in lower wound infection rates compared to inpatient surgeries. There are various outpatient surgeries you can now access at various health clinics like, thanks to advances in medical technology. Here are some of them.


This refers to the removal of the gallbladder, which is a pear-shaped organ below your liver that collects and stores digestive fluids. The typical reason for its removal is the development of gallstones or gallstone pancreatitis. Cholecystectomy is laparoscopic and requires four small incisions rather than an unsightly large abdominal cut. Return to normal activities is within a day or two and the scar left is minimal.


Breast cancer is, unfortunately, among the most prevalent types of cancer worldwide. Your doctor might suggest a lumpectomy to remove cancerous tumors and the tissue around it. Lumpectomy conserves more breast tissue compared to mastectomy. Though typically done on an outpatient basis, your doctor might recommend an overnight stay should your lymph nodes be removed during the procedure.

Small Joint Repairs

Orthopedic procedures on the wrists, hands, and ankles are typically performed on outpatient bases. These include surgeries to correct fractures and dislocations of these small joints. Patients with arthritis can also benefit from outpatient wrist and hand surgeries to alleviate the symptoms of their condition.

Apart from the above, tonsillectomy, cataract surgery and hernia repair are also among the common outpatient surgeries you can get. You need not continue suffering and putting off your surgery to holiday periods or leave days. You can have your doctor assess your suitability for outpatient surgery and start on your road to recovery.