Recovery Sign in a Wooden LettersRecovery from drug addiction is both long and painful. Before, drug addiction was seen as a weakness of character. Today, it is recognized as a real medical condition with several possible solutions.

Going Cold Turkey

One of the earliest methods was simply going cold turkey. Doing so caused long and painful withdrawal symptoms to appear. In some cases, withdrawal can force an addict to return to drugs only because they can’t handle the withdrawal. Overcoming withdrawal was among the things patients were expected to go through as a test of their moral character.

However, addiction changes the way the brain works, and for it to heal and return to its previous state, a long healing process is needed. Withdrawal gets in the way of it and, in the absence of adequate support, addiction recovery can prove impossible.

Using Alternative Medication

Some prescription drugs can help alleviate the withdrawal symptoms, but questions arise if the patient will become addicted to the new drug instead. Another option is to provide remedies that can alleviate the pain of withdrawal. Such efforts help the brain recover from the effects of drug addiction.

An example is the use of Ibogaine from the shrub Tabernanthe Iboga. To get this treatment, however, you need to find the best Ibogaine treatment centers; Ibogaine has hallucinogenic properties and can only be used by those trained in the treatment.

Undergoing Therapy

The simple act of sharing your story with others can help greatly in overcoming addiction. Some studies have shown that the cause of dependency is an absence of meaningful social interaction. Behavioral therapy can allow the addict to admit and face their substance abuse and the presence of peers can help them change.

Balancing Both

Detoxification is not enough to cure an addict. You have to get to the underlying cause of why a user takes to drugs. Rehabilitation efforts require the combination of detoxifying and therapy to increase the chance of solving a person’s addiction.