Doctor measuring man's waistObesity is currently among the biggest health issues worldwide. People are spending over $60 billion annually in an attempt to lose weight. To this end, many people have come up with various “solutions” for weight loss.

Unfortunately, most affiliate marketers are only trying to reap from the billions invested in this industry and might not offer the healthiest solutions. You should hence be vigilant in your research on weight loss methods.

Among the most efficient and safest ways to lose extra pounds while maintaining a healthy weight is a lifestyle change. What are some of the changes guaranteed to work? Better You By Design has a few ideas.

1. Get enough sleep

Adults need eight hours sleep on average, more for children, though. Studies have shown that people who do not get adequate sleep tend to overeat and consequently gain weight. Other than the unhealthy eating habits, sleep deprivation slows down metabolism and this, in turn, causes weight gain.

2. Eat breakfast

Most people trying to lose weight think skipping meals is a good idea. Skipping breakfast, however, leaves you hungry by mid-morning and hence causes you to pack up calories during lunchtime.

Cultivate a habit of getting a healthy breakfast and burn the calories throughout the day. This might necessitate waking up earlier than usual, but the habit will be worth it.

3. Choose healthy drinks

Most people do not think drinks contribute much to weight gain. Millions are hooked on soft drinks, sweetened beverages and alcohol, all of which hamper weight loss. Ditch these high-calorie drinks altogether and drink more water.

Physical activity and healthy diets are the standard options for weight loss. The lifestyle changes mentioned here are not only efficient in weight loss but also keeping it off.