a man and a woman showing their healthy smileLooking after the teeth and keeping the mouth in a hygienic condition is important for a person’s overall health. Regular visits to a W1 dentist, such as the Harley Street Dental Clinic, will enable the patient to have problems fixed before they escalate into something more serious and expensive. Modern dental professionals have experience in providing a welcoming atmosphere that helps patients to feel relaxed and positive about their treatment. Talking to patients in depth helps the team to deliver treatments with tact and sensitivity.

A range of approaches

When a London professional visits their W1 dentist for regular check-ups, they give the dentist a chance to detect the early signs of harmful problems, like tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. These early signs will be too subtle for the patient to detect at home. The dentist can also give the patient up-to-date information and advice on maintaining good oral hygiene, to keep their teeth functioning well and looking great.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments can significantly enhance the appearance of the teeth using a variety of methods. Discolouration can be vastly improved with simple teeth whitening treatments, which can partly be done at home by the patient themselves, using special equipment provided by the dentist. Veneers can be applied to the surface of the teeth to bring a uniform appearance to chipped or wonky smiles. Misaligned bites or dental crowding can be corrected with discreet aligners or hidden braces.

If teeth are damaged, they can be repaired with durable and natural-looking contemporary materials. If teeth need replacing, a W1 dentist can use dental implants to give the patient new teeth that have natural security and stability, so they can bite and chew food like they used to.

All kinds of people

Dental practices often have smile albums online, allowing patients to see a sample of the results their dental teams have achieved. Also, payment plans are a regular feature of modern dentistry that allows the cost of treatment to be spread, so the potential financial impact of dental work need not deter people from making positive changes to their health. The benefits of good oral care can make a big difference to a person’s quality of life.