Kid Brushing His TeethDentists say that caring for a child’s teeth starts before the teeth start erupting. This means the gums are cleaned and brushed even when the child is only a few weeks old. Oral health care should be a priority in children.

Pediatric dentists in Avon, Indianapolis advise parents to teach their children proper teeth brushing at a young age. Kids should also be brought to the dentist for checkup and cleaning on a regular basis and not when there are already signs of tooth decay or cavities.

Taking them to the dentist early on also helps build trust and confidence. The dentist should be a friend and not as someone who inflicts pain and terror.

Taking them to a pediatric dentist

Pediatric dentists have specialized training and take care of children’s teeth and gums from infancy until they become teenagers. They are experienced and adept at recognizing dental problems in children throughout their development. For example, your pediatric will advise you on the effect of your child’s thumb sucking in the development of his teeth. The dentist will also tell you not to give your kids formula milk at night while they’re asleep because it can damage the teeth.

Another reason why it is important that kids see a dentist regularly is because they are prone to oral disease and decay. According to experts, dental caries is seven times more common in kids today than hay fever. Children lose their first set of teeth or milk teeth when they turn six or seven years old. If the first set of teeth are damaged, there’s a high chance that the secondary or permanent set of teeth will also be infected.

Early intervention

Your pediatric dentist will also assess if your child has other dental problems, such as misaligned teeth, underbite, or overbite. The earlier these conditions are treated, the better.

Your child’s teeth and bones are still forming, so getting braces, retainers, or chin cups at an early age will help correct the condition faster. Not to mention, a surgery is a more expensive option in the end. So, if you have a baby or a toddler, look for a pediatric dentist near you and have your his or her teeth and gums checked regularly.