man can't fall asleepFor most people, sleep is almost automatic when they lay down in bed after a long, tiring day. For chronic fatigue patients, however, even if they’re too tired, sleep remains elusive.

RedRiver Health and Wellness Center explains why this happens to other people.

No Sleep for the ‘Weak’

Sleep problems are a common symptom of chronic fatigue. Some find it hard to doze off, while others can’t stay asleep, waking up in the middle of the night. Still, some people experience waking up too early in the morning. Worse, they feel more exhausted upon waking up.

The direct relationship between chronic fatigue and disruptive sleep remains a mystery to many health experts. But some studies suggest the connection between the two. For instance, some specialists in Boise believe that physical pain plays a role. Pain prevents most people from getting and staying asleep. Chronic fatigue patients experience a range of pain symptoms, such as headaches to joint and muscle pains.

Other experts believe that it’s the changes in sleep cycles that prevent patients from getting a restful sleep. Studies show that those with chronic fatigue spend less time in slow wave sleep, which is where brain restoration and recovery happens. This may then explain why patients often complain about waking up tired.

Sleep Strategies

While there are many factors known and unknown to science about chronic fatigue and sleep, there are ways to manage the problem. The first step is getting chronic fatigue help from health experts. These specialists will evaluate your symptoms and recommend medicines, therapies, and lifestyle changes that will address your health problems; therefore, allowing for a more decent sleep.

Adopting healthy sleeping habits also makes a difference to many patients. For instance, it’s best to stick to a regular sleeping schedule. Set your alarm so you can be reminded always of bedtime and waking time. Cut back on activities as the night approaches. Turn off the TV and get off your mobile phone. Make sure your bedroom is quiet and cool; noise and hot temperature won’t help induce sleep. Practice breathing and relaxation techniques as well.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a debilitating disorder that affects even the simplest human activity: sleep. Consult your doctor to get the help you need right away.