Assorted fruits and vegetablesThe road to a healthy body is often paved with diet fads. History has seen its fair share of diet fads, ranging from the duds to the downright dangerous. There was a time when people swallowed pills full of tapeworm eggs or drank far too much cabbage soup. These days, people are lucky that sites such as exist for nutritionist-approved prepacked meals.

Let the Shape Dictate

Anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight knows the difficulty of finding the right diet for them. Simply choosing which diet to try is enough to make anyone’s head spin. There’s the paleo diet which advocates the consumption of whole foods. Then there’s the keto diet that’s all about skimping on carbohydrates and sugar and going for high-fat instead.

Apart from that, there’s also a diet that’s tailored to a person’s body type. Different body types store fat in different places. These things play a key role in telling people which food to eat more of and which ones to avoid.

Apple Body Type

Apple-shaped people are top heavy. They have thick torsos and broad shoulders but have smaller arms, hips and legs. For apples who’ve gained weight, most of it usually ends up in the midsection. The best foods for apple bodies are those that are high in monounsaturated fat and omega-3. People with this body type should also limit sugar and simple carb intake.

Pear Body Type

The opposite of apples, pears are trim at the top and heavier at the bottom. This body type tends to store fat around the hips and thighs. Nutritionists recommend a high fibre and low-fat diet for pear-shaped folk. They can also eat plenty of lean proteins. As with apples, pears need to watch their sugar intake.

Hourglass Body Type

Unlike apple or pear-shaped individuals, hourglasses evenly distribute fat at the top and bottom. It’s not always easy to spot that they’ve gained weight because of this. Those with an hourglass figure should go for lots of fresh produce and lean protein. Complex carbs are also fine. Hourglasses should avoid high sugar and high-fat foods.

It goes without saying that one cannot achieve a healthy body cannot be achieved by diets alone. Striking a balance between diets, exercise and rest are important in achieving physical wellness.