Girl ExercisingBecoming or staying physically fit is a goal that each person should aspire for because this largely accounts for his or her quality of life. It is never too late, regardless of your current physical condition, to begin a physical fitness activity, provided you first get clearance from your doctor to engage in it.

Personal Trainer: Why you Need One

If this is your first time to participate in a physical activity like gym work, whether since the time you were born or in quite a long period, it would be advisable for you to consider personal training at a Lexington gym such as The Fitter Female for the first few months at the very least.

There are advantages for this recommendation, two of which are:

A personal trainer can customize a physical fitness program according to your current condition and your personal goals (e.g., weight loss/gain, endurance/stamina, strength/resistance, aesthetics, etc.)

He/she can also work your schedule around your lifestyle (e.g., your work schedule, hobbies, etc.). He/she can also help design the proper diet and recommend supplements based on your personal goal.

A personal trainer serves as a mentor/coach on:

Proper form. This is a very important aspect of a personal trainer’s job especially when it comes to lifting weights. Without the proper form, there is a greater chance of injuries occurring.

Sets, Repetitions, and in-between Rests of Workout Routines. One important aspect of a workout routine is the number of sets and repetitions of a particular exercise as well as the resting period in between sets. This influences the optimum heart rate to achieve your personal goals in the shortest possible time.

A personal trainer also serves as your cheering squad to push you beyond what you initially thought was your limit.

There is wisdom in doing things right the first time. This is especially true when you dive into physical fitness. Starting on the right foot through a personal trainer helps you get to your fitness goals quicker.