a luxurious bathroomThe bathroom is the most common place to have an accident, and thousands of elderly and people with disabilities suffer hospitalization every year due to bathroom fall injuries. With a walk-in tub, they can bathe independently.

Advancing years bring with them thinner bones, poorer eyesight, and an increased likelihood of chronic illness and medication use. Many seniors develop arthritis, a painful deterioration of the joints that causes stiffness and loss of range of movement.

These factors can make it more challenging carrying out daily living tasks, such as stepping in and out of a bathtub or shower or standing up from a seated position. Once accidents begin to happen, the individual or their family may consider employing a home care aide or moving them to a residential home.

But if the thought is horrifying, and they don’t want assistance from others, there is a better option — installing a portable walk-in tub.

Portable Tubs Require No Renovation

Space is one aspect that puts people off adapting their bathroom, but a walk-in tub you can buy from firms such as heavenlytubs.com is fully portable and requires no renovation. You can simply attach it to a faucet and move it to any room with a water supply.

There are many different models of the flat-access bath. Some are compact, designed to fit into a small bathroom. Homeowners don’t need to sell up to fit a handicapped bathtub into a small space.

Portable Tubs Have Safety Features

Portable tubs have many safety features so that users can continue to bathe independently. These include:

  • Side-opening doors or drop-down panels to allow for easy access. This eliminates the need to step over the side of the tub.
  • Grab handles
  • Integral non-slip surfaces
  • Temperature controlled faucets — so the water never comes out too hot or too cold
  • Full drainage before you can exit the tub. This reduces the risk of accidents.

Older age can cause disability, but instead of relying on someone else, elderly and disabled people can enjoy the privacy of bathing alone with an accessible tub.