Quiet and comfirtable room with bookcase in the atticFor many of us, there will come a time when we feel cramped in our own homes. Not to worry, though. There are always ways we can add some much-needed space to our houses. Take a look at some of these ways below.

Extend vertically

Extending upward or downward is one way to create extra space in your home. To extend upwards, loft conversions such as those usually done in Surrey are a great option. Alternatively, converting a basement is a good method of adding space downward.

For both conversions, many factors need to be considered (e.g., roof pitch and height for a loft and sturdy house foundations for a basement), so it would best to hire professionals to do the work for you.

Expand outwards

Expanding outwards is another way to add more space to your house. There are three different types — namely side, rear, and wrap-around — for this expansion, but they all involve turning available areas outside the house into living space.

If you have a Victorian house, for example, you could use the gap or alley, often called side return, to extend your living room. You can choose to have the converted space either complement or contrast the design of your house.

Remodel inside

Remodelling the inside of the house is also one way to open up space in your home. You can knock down interior walls and have an open floor plan.

The kitchen, dining area, and living room, for instance, can be integrated with just an island dividing the kitchen and dining area, and then a low display shelf separating the living room from the two. The openness will create the illusion that more space is available than what was actually freed up.

So do not fret if your home starts to feel cramped. You can always expand vertically, outwards, or inside to create additional space for your house.