exterior view of a houseWhat’s a home without your personal touches? It can be the same size and layout as your neighbour’s, but once you are done decorating, it will not look like anyone else’s place of residence.

With that said, how do you design your home according to your preferences and needs? These are some design hacks with plenty of benefits:

Use Space Wisely

Having a big house in Australia does not mean you can use space irresponsibly. Doing so will give you a home that is huge but still cluttered–even if you don’t have too many items. The organisation and clever use of space make your interiors look more welcoming and well thought of. Selecting internal doors and storage containers might seem like a no-brainer, but take your time and consider how the whole room will work once they are installed.

Check Your Options

Once you’ve opened your wallet to spend on furniture, paints and finishes, you are committing to a decision. Before you get to that step, you should be sure about your choices. Utilise tools such as Pinterest to see your options. Pinterest boards are handy when it comes to planning each room, and you can be linked to alternatives and related designs, as well. This is handy when thinking about colour combinations and furniture styles.

Use Light Creatively

Before you paint the exterior of the house, sample a small area and see how the light makes it look. You do not want to use a bright yellow paint that makes your house seem like it’s lit from the inside–at midday. You also want to use natural light through the clever positioning of windows around the house, to minimise energy bills and help the family regulate their sleeping schedule.

Your house is yours to design, but that doesn’t mean you should do it haphazardly. Make it visitor-ready so you’ll be proud of the home you live in.