Outdoor fireplaceA warm and cosy outdoor fireplace can set the scene in any garden, and you can get started on your very own porch. When planning to build or renovate an existing one, it’s possible to make it look as wonderful as possible in a decorative theme you prefer.

The fireplace can become the focal point and could bring a major change to your outdoor aesthetic. Here’s what you need to know:

The Parts of a Fireplace

A typical fireplace has a mantelpiece, surround, hood, cheek, grate, and hearth. These serve an important purpose — to keep the fire contained — and can be a decorative accent, as well.

The mantel is useful for displaying items, such as candles, plants, or small figurines. The hood and cheek could have a minimalist or medieval design, whichever you prefer.

A completely new look to an old fireplace can also be obtained by placing a new antique-looking fireplace surrounding. If you’re searching for one, the first thing you need to check is the durability of the material used. These include wood, marble, bricks, and cast-iron.

To add to the allure of an already mesmerizing fireplace, try placing a cast-iron register grate and other tools, such as iron fire pokers, on the side.

The Focal Point of Your Design

A fireplace is not in use all year round, but it can still provide the beauty that your house needs. Being a focal point, make it as beautiful as possible by displaying seasonal items so it won’t be out of place.

Benches that surround your fireplace in the yard are great to have, so you and your family can bond together. Making s’mores on summer nights or cuddling with your significant other on cool autumn sunsets by the fire can be the best part of your day.

If this is something you’re looking into, you should definitely get your own fireplace in the backyard.