Repairman examining refrigeratorRefrigerators can last for decades, but you still have to be ready for any fridge problems that you may encounter. Refrigerators can still malfunction and have issues even when you bought them recently. Websites like suggest that you should know the signs that indicate your refrigerator is in trouble and call for the help you need. These are the following signs your refrigerator needs a check.

Sign 1: Noises

When your refrigerator makes audible and unusual noises, you need to have your refrigerator fixed. Unusual noises indicate trouble, while louder than usual sounds also indicate the same. Before you call broken appliance repair services here in West Valley, specify first what kind of noise your fridge makes since the description can help your repairman.

Sign 2: Silence

However, silence can also indicate refrigerator problems. A silent fridge even if the light works may mean a broken compressor. To jump start the compressor, you can try turning the thermostat to its highest setting. Alternatively, you can defrost the fridge, turn it off for 24 hours, and then turn it on. When the fridge continues to be silent, you need to call for repair services.

Sign 3: Spoilage

Does your food spoil before the expiration date? Constant spoilage may indicate different problems with your refrigerator. For one, the fridge’s thermostat may be faulty. The condenser coils may be covered in dust, which could hamper the performance of your fridge. Lastly, the coils may be too hot which forces the motor to work overtime.

Watch Out for these Other Signs

Other signs that your refrigerator needs fixing include water pooling under your fridge, a warm fridge, unusual smells, and frost in the fridge. When you notice any of the signs above, you can immediately take action. Broken appliance repair services in West Valley can quickly fix your fridge.

If you observe any of these signs in your fridge, it’s best to double check and call professional services to prevent small problems from growing even worse.