Black mold buildup in the corner of a houseThe weather can be surprisingly warm one day and wet the next. It’s easy enough to plan your outfits and activities depending on the weather forecast for the week, but what about the things you can’t see? The mold may be thriving in your basement already, and you’re not aware of the problem.

Utah deals with fluctuating weather conditions, so residents should be prepared. Here’s what you should do to reduce the chances of mold infestation:

Have the House Tested

It’s best to know the situation in your Utah home, so mold testing should be done as soon as possible. If you’ve recently bought a house, the Aerolite Group suggests that you do mold testing before you move in. You should also have the house tested again after water damage or a significant change has affected your area.

Look for Leaks

You don’t have to wait for mold infestation to occur before you act. Fixing a leak, which makes surfaces conducive for mold growth, may prevent the problem altogether. If the leak has been there for a while and you haven’t noticed, mold growth may have already started, and you’ll notice this in the way allergies seem to get triggered more often in the house.

Regulate Humidity Level

Houses with humidity problems are prone to mold infestation. Because molds survive in damp and dark environments, they enjoy a house with moisture problems. Watch out for your windows and walls, and see if they are unseasonably damp. These are clear indicators that you need to get rid of too much moisture.

Mold may seem harmless at first, but ignoring their presence is just like neglecting your family’s safety. Act quickly before mold cause health problems and damage to property.