a man holding a tablet with video lecture playingVideo presentation as a way of teaching and training has been receiving massive acceptance in the recent years. This is partly because of the full exposure to the modern technology to a significant number of the contemporary population.

The availability of video-enabled gadgets also makes it a great teaching alternative. What are reasons video presentations are a great way of teaching?

1. Flexible

Not all students in your criminal investigators’ training program lecture room or any other classroom has the same pace of learning. The Center For Legal Studies can attest to this. Some might be slow, while others are fast.

Therefore, by opting to use videos for lessons, you give each student a chance to learn at their own pace. This will contribute immensely to deeper understanding, which will reflect in their final grades.

Also, the fact that they can access the video anywhere and anytime through phones, tablets, laptops and so forth, makes it convenient for your students, says HuffPost. It’s also suitable for instructors when sending the learning materials.

2. Easily accepted by students

Videos are not only exciting to watch, but they are also easy to consume by today’s students. They are a great and appealing way to impart knowledge, especially when personalized to the specific class. They help kill the boredom that might result from the standard way of giving lectures. It’s also a great medium through which you can introduce new ideas.

3. Easy to remember and comprehend

Videos give students a chance to learn ideas and concepts in a way they can easily absorb. This is better than just listening to a verbal lecture and trying to imagine how an idea can be applied.

Especially for visual learners, watching a video creates an experience that one can easily comprehend. This, in turn, makes lessons easy to remember and understand.

Many benefits arise from using video presentations in lectures. The ones mentioned here do not only apply to students. Video presentations also help teachers by making it easy for them to deliver information to students.