Workplace disputesDiscrimination in the workplace has moderated in the past decades because of the spirit of activism, but most will agree that it still exists in different forms. As a company leader, diminishing discrimination in your workplace must be one of your priorities.

After all, you want people to associate your company with equality and good moral ethics. And if it happens in your office, you should opt for employment law mediations. Here are ways on how you can implement a discrimination-free workplace.

Institutionalize and implement policies

You need to develop policies that fight any form of discrimination. According to Alison Doyle, The Balance contributor, discrimination may come in different ways such as harassment and bad behavior towards an employee because of religion, age, or nationality.

Identify these acts of discrimination and develop procedures when dealing with them in a Handbook. Let your employees know that there will be clear consequences such as appropriate disciplinary action.

Equip your managers with skills and knowledge

Your managers and supervisors must act as police, and since they are the ones overseeing the teams, they should be able to identify any forms of discrimination within. Give them this responsibility, so they will also encourage their subordinates to observe proper behavior always.

Make sure that they, themselves, do not have bias, and that they treat everyone equally and respectfully.

Educate your employees

Right from the onset, be clear with your employees that you are in a discrimination-free workplace. Let them know that you will not tolerate any kind of discrimination. At the same time, educate them that they too should not let any form of discrimination against them pass up.

Let them know what their rights are and what their next course of actions would be.

Invite experts

Invite professionals and field experts to discuss further about the importance of anti-discrimination in the workplace. While you may set policies and have your handbook, make sure that this is not merely theoretical. Show them that you are serious about applying these.

Now, what do you do when they file the cases against your company because of discrimination? Never shrug it off. Never blow this up. Otherwise, the reputation of your company and the trust of your employees to your company will be at stake.