Photographer with newly wedsEngagements and weddings count as milestones that couples definitely want to document. In line with this, you may have already picked out the best photographer you could find in the state. You will need a location too, however, especially for your first photo shoot.

Pick Your Own Spot

When you have a good SLC photography professional at your side, you will be guided accordingly to locate the best spot for your engagement photo shoot. You can prepare ahead of your photographer (if you want) and think of a spot on your own. The two simple steps below can help:

Factor in Time First

Think about the travel and photo shoot time. You can have two or more locations for your photo shoot, but you may have to book extra days with your photographer. If you plan to shoot all in one day, make sure your locations are near each other to give more time for the actual photo shoot.

Factor in Favorites, Hobbies, Interests Second

Think about your favorite locations as a couple. Alternately, you can base your location on your hobbies and interests. In fact, you can even do a crossover between the two factors.

Utah Locations to Consider

You probably have locations picked out by now thanks to the tips above, but if you still haven’t found one yet, you might want to consider the following: In Salt Lake City (or Utah in general), the Wasatch Mountains, the Great Salt Lake, or the Little Sahara Sand Dunes are great locations. Ski resorts or the Utah State Capitol Building can also be appealing. Salt Lake City parks have been commonly used, too.

With the locations you as a couple have thought of, you can present your list to your photographer. Together, you can have the best photo shoot experience ever.