Man proposing to a ladyYou’ve probably watched Hollywood movies like “Love Actually” or “Walk the Line” over and over or listened to songs like “I Wanna Grow Old With You” to spark a marriage proposal idea. It’s never easy, and it’s practically normal to feel lost when you’re about to ask your partner the biggest question of your lives.

You have to remember one thing though: marriage proposals take time and preparation. And the more you put your heart into it, the more it becomes romantic.

But before you take the leap, look for custom engagement rings sold in Salt Lake City first because a marriage proposal won’t work without the ring. Once you have it, be inspired by these suggestions:

The anniversary proposal

Let your partner assume that you’re out having fun camping or relaxing on a beach because you’re celebrating your anniversary. But surprise your special one with the engagement ring when you finally find the most romantic spot. It’s even better if you do it at night so you can celebrate under a sky full of stars.

The travel “I do”

This type of proposal needs a bit of planning, as you have to be in the right place at the right time. So when and where exactly do you pop the question? It’s when you find yourself and your partner in an iconic place, be it on top of the Eiffel Tower or facing Mt. Fuji in Japan, as the sun sets.

The most unusual time

Finally, keep in mind that marriage proposals become extraordinary when done during extraordinary times. So try it during unexpected moments like while you’re both playing a game that requires your partner to pick up a card and read a question, or while on a scavenger hunt that sends your partner on the way to a beautiful destination where you wait with flowers.