a dentist examining a hand-crafted dentureThe success of a dental practice and the welfare of the patients it serves lie on the shoulders of the team behind it. From dental nurses and technicians to dental hygienists and dentists, it is essential that they are all up-to-date on their field of expertise and know how to work well together. That’s why dental CPD in Watford and across the UK is a mandatory requirement enforced by the General Dental Council (GDC).

Dental CPD in Watford enables individuals in the dental field to further their own careers as well as improve the success of their dental practice. Wisbora Conferences is one of several providers of dental CPD in Watford, hosting informative and engaging events that contribute towards CPD hours.

What are the requirements for dental CPD?

The requirements for dental CPD vary depending on the specific profession, as listed below:

  • dentists: 100 hours
  • dental therapists, dental hygienists, orthodontic therapists, and clinical dental technicians: 75 hours
  • dental nurses and dental technicians: 50 hours.

A further stipulation that applies across dental professions is that for every 2 consecutive CPD years, a minimum of 10 CPD hours must be completed.

What’s covered during a dental CPD event?

Dental CPD in Watford covers a range of topics that address every aspect of working in and running a dental practice. This includes how to work within NHS rules and regulations, specifically focusing on what NHS England expects from NHS dental services in primary care.

A key requirement for maintaining a successful dental practice is passing Care Quality Commission inspections. Dental CPD can provide information on how to properly prepare for one.

The day-to-day running of a dental practice also relies on effective leadership and management. This ensures the dental team stays motivated and performing at their best. Dental CPD can provide pointers in this area too.

Other areas covered as part of dental CPD include dental accounting and tax, mortgages and income protection for dental professionals and how to improve on key marketing skills to boost the private potential of a dental practice.

On the clinical side of things there are also dental CPD events that focus on tips and tricks for everyday practical use in each of the dental specialities.