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Why are Dental Implants a Viable Tooth Replacement Option?

Patients with missing teeth often face a bit of a dilemma when it comes to tooth replacement. Modern treatment options for missing teeth are diverse and differ in complexity and cost, so it’s not surprising that making a decision can be difficult. Unlike conventional dentures and bridges, dental implants are […]

A Day in the Life of an Invisalign Patient

Everyone has a unique experience when they have their teeth straightened using a method like Invisalign in SW14. However, there are some common occurrences that everyone is likely to encounter. Getting ready to start the Invisalign journey is easier when someone gets prepared with all the information they need. Invisalign […]

Keeping Teeth Clean and Healthy

Looking after the teeth and keeping the mouth in a hygienic condition is important for a person’s overall health. Regular visits to a W1 dentist, such as the Harley Street Dental Clinic, will enable the patient to have problems fixed before they escalate into something more serious and expensive. Modern […]

The health benefits of a complete smile with dental implants

The health benefits of a complete smile with dental implants

Dental implants have become quite popular in recent years as they present a number of advantages over other tooth replacement options. Without teeth, daily life can be quite challenging. Over time, the body will reabsorb the jawbone and the risk for further tooth loss is increased. Fortunately, dental implants offered […]