Matchmaking Connection Computer ConceptGoing out on a date can be a bit troublesome for the socially awkward. Thankfully, our Robot Overlords have given us a handy avenue to make contact with the rest of humanity through online dating.

The Rise of the Machine

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way from the conceptual stage. Deep Blue won acclaim when it beat Garry Kasparov at chess in 1997, but things didn’t stop there. Fast-forward to 2018, when AIs have their own chess league — humans don’t match up anymore! Elon Musk’s self-learning OpenAI recently defeated top players in Dota 2, a 5 versus 5 multiplayer online battle arena game. Chess is one thing, but the intricacies in Dota 2, especially on 5 on 5 games, is astronomical.

Getting Help from Our Robot Overlords

Now that we’ve given them enough praise, it’s time to get a little help from friendly AI. You may think online dating or using dating apps is still a bit troublesome, but the best dating apps use sophisticated AIs that can pave the way in finding you a suitable partner. These apps mirror a human matchmaking service and also allow you to have actual conversations with a potential partner. They also serve as your personal matchmaking assistant, using their vast processing powers to help you find that perfect match.

You’re Still Human

Even with the help of superior AI, you still need to do a bit of work. Human relationships are complex, and the best thing you can do is to work on making yourself better. Learn a language or a craft. You can also start a new hobby or a new sport. Not only do these little things make you more interesting, but they also do wonders for your self-esteem.

Artificial Intelligence is here to give you a little help in your search to find your perfect match. There may be a few misses in between, but eventually our Robot Overlords will find you that perfect person.