Man doing performance testingPerformance testing determines the way a software can manage user traffic. By placing a false demand on a website or application, it’s possible to analyze anticipated performance and assess breaking points. Radview and other experts noted that most companies use performance testing tools to quantify speed, stability, scalability, responsiveness and reliability.

Why Performance Test is Important

Even though there are companies who postpone adopting a comprehensive performance testing tactic, they will soon understand that this move with negatively affect their bottom-line objectives. The following are some of the methods performance testing can impact business ROI:

1. Nearly 51% of American consumers shopping online reveal that a slow website is a primary cause why they would give up a purchase.

2. Online consumers have less patience disclosing that the waiting time is 35% longer than it actually is.

3. A mere load time delay of two seconds throughout a transaction leads to abandonment rates equal to 87%.

4. The overall price of abandoned online shopping carts for retailers was calculated for over $18 billion every year.

5. About 64% of mobile users anticipate sites to load in under four seconds.

6. When online shoppers encounter a bad mobile shopping occurrence, 43% of them will choose to use the website of the competitor moving forward.

The rise in multi-screen behavior and the use of mobile devices led to the users’ demand for instant technological gratification and regular app updates. It’s apparent that customers would probably disregard applications that fail to meet their anticipations. They would even resort to leave the website and just finish their shopping spree from competitors with better websites.

Remember the dire consequences of neglecting to monitor your software, or failing to conduct load testing and stress testing. By assessing workflows and user performances, you can get ready for real-life situations without having to give up customer loyalty or scalability.