Couple candlelight dinnerRelationships are unpredictable. Many factors come into play, such as work, free time, personal goals, and even family background.

Since there are no assurances even in relationships, many couples often mark the occasion and go big on their anniversary. You and your partner can make your date special; celebrate your years together and make it a memorable one:

Diamonds are forever

Giving a piece of jewellery to your partner shouldn’t be limited to engagements and weddings, so why not mark your anniversary with a diamond ring? It’s a great symbol of your commitment and dedication. Visit a diamond jeweller in Hatton Garden where you can pick a piece that will celebrate your love. You could also ask your jeweller for the right precious stone for your anniversary, especially if you are on a tight budget.

Travel together

There’s nothing like going to a different place with the person you love to celebrate your togetherness. Not only will travel keep the spark burning but it will also allow you and your partner to explore a different side of your relationship as you encounter new places, faces and experiences.  Go to a new country and explore their culture and customs, or go on a road trip and enjoy the time away from home.

Relive your first date

Want to be extra romantic? Relive your first date so you can go back to where it all started. Visit that memorable restaurant, order the same food and talk about that moment that gave you thrills and smiles.

Finally, do something you’ve never done as a couple. It’s a great way to welcome another year in your lives. Don’t forget to pop open the champagne bottle while you’re at it because your love is worth celebrating.