Man running on the stairsWhy do some people achieve more than others do? The good news is genetics or the traits you were born with play a small role in how you fare in the game of life. The bad news is the road to success is hard work.

Here are the first few tasks that you must accomplish to improve yourself and change your life:

Overcome limiting beliefs

Do you believe in yourself? The number of people who live their entire lives thinking they are not good enough is shocking and tragic. This grim reality partly stems from people having unmanaged thoughts and self-talk.

So the first rule to shattering such beliefs that limit you is to acknowledge that your thoughts can and should be controlled. You can choose to say, “I’m so proud of myself for trying,” instead of “I made a fool of myself.”

Empowering, positive and hopeful self-talk can define your emotional state and the way you assert yourself in a competitive environment. There are plenty of self-development applications or apps that can help you be kinder, more encouraging to yourself.

Pick yourself up

If you have never failed, it means you’ve been living your whole life in a room called the “comfort zone,” where everything is safe and under control. However, great things do not transpire in this cramped space. The most successful professionals dare to take calculated risks.

When they fail, they rise from the ashes like a phoenix. In her Ted talk, Angela Lee Duckworth explains the importance of teaching kids to be gritty. She shares her experience teaching Math to children and realising the kids with higher IQ did not do better than those who simply persevered.s

If you want to assess your own grit, you can take this quick test on her website.

Recognising a good opportunity

Knowing what to invest in and what not to invest in is a skill perfected through experience. Those who win the race observe closely, recognise patterns of success and stay poised to grab the opportunity as it comes rushing by.

Surrounding yourself with entrepreneurs who love to conceive great ideas can help you spot which ideas have true potential. Great business ideas generate more energy in conversations. Being ready to take on an opportunity is also vital.

Equip yourself with skills currently on demand and be knowledgeable.

The bottom line is that if you have control over how you think, behave, and feel, you have control over your life.