Fleet of delivery trucksTrucking job openings landed among the top 10 most difficult jobs to fill in the U.S., particularly drivers that are in “in very high immediate demand,” according to a report.

While job opportunities for truck drivers are expected to increase only 6%, the high demand for this job stems from a gap in skills. For this reason, employers may need the help of third-party recruiters like Centerline Drivers to fill their most urgent positions.

Recruitment Woes

The shortage of truck drivers poses a significant threat to the U.S. economy, as trucks haul more than 70% of consumer products nationwide. The industry will need nearly 900,000 more drivers to meet the growing demand, according to an American Trucking Associations report in 2017.

More than 108,400 of those potential drivers will be necessary by 2026 based on estimates by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Trucking companies need to solve the problem of low salaries for drivers, especially if they want to attract more millennials. People in this age group will be the key to replace aging commercial drivers that are 55 years old on average.

Millennial Drivers

Not all millennials refuse to take on a job as a truck driver because of the long hours and hectic schedule. The biggest obstacle could be a requirement that sets the minimum age at 21 years old. However, the trucking industry has undertaken initiatives to allow those at least 18 years to drive trucks across state borders.

This is important to fill the workforce, as many are not willing to wait and be qualified for the minimum age before they can drive a truck.


The trucking sector serves an essential role in keeping the U.S. economy afloat. If there are fewer drivers, this causes transportation prices to increase and delays in freight shipments. How do you plan to recruit new workers?